• RFID Access Control Payroll System with Software

RFID Access control & payroll System is developed to use in organizations for the purpose of maintaining security as well as Access information of all the employees. the employees.

  • 51 Development Board

This development board provides easy to use development platform useful to play with the hardware devices like LCD, Keyboard, Stepper Motor, RTC, ADC, RTC, Serial Communication. It also provides ISP programming facility.

  • FPGA Development Board

  • Interfacing to real world devices
  • Implementation of communication protocols
  • Developing our own application out of onboard component.

  • ARM Development Board

We make general purpose Evaluation board based on ARM7 micro controllers. This is very useful as a quick development aid- for example, if you plan to make a micro controller based product, it can be very convenient to buy and use.

  • RF Remote Device Control

This system is designed to control the Industrial devices like Machine or house-hold appliances like fan, tube light, bulb etc by using a wireless RF technology. In this system we have used the RF ASK modules to communicate with the device remotely

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